With my home park California’s Great America being closed to prepare for Winterfest, I thought it would be a great time to head up to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California, for some rides on my favorite coaster and low waits.  I was greeted with both being exceptional, as The Joker was running great and there being extremely small waits for everything.  With that said, let’s get started.


Before going inside, I checked on the area where Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth will be going for 2017.  As you can see, not much has happened, as dirt is still being kicked around.


I then headed to The Joker, which had about a two train wait.  This ride on The Joker was not too special, as it was running slower, and thus, weaker airtime.  It also didn’t help that somebody was already waiting for the back so I had to sit in the middle of the train.


Next, I went to V2: Vertical Velocity for a front row ride.  V2 is a lot more intense than I remember it being, and this ride also had a slight shake to it.  Nothing major, but slight.


After V2 was Superman: Ultimate Flight with no wait for once.  I sat in the back row on the right seat, and I honestly don’t know why people rave about the airtime in this seat.  It was decent airtime, but nothing to shout home about.


Medusa was not running today for some reason.  It looked like they were working on something in the station, but I couldn’t see it.


Boomerang was also down for this visit.  However, unlike Medusa, this is just scheduled maintenance going on while the park is not as busy.


Voodoo was also down, with no work being done to it while I was at the park.


Before leaving, I made sure to get one more ride on my number one, The Joker.  I made sure to get in a back row ride, and this was phenomenal.  It wasn’t as amazing as my ride on September 10th, but it was still great.  The Step Up Under Flip was faster than usual, and the Asian Camelback gave more airtime than usual.

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Also, check out this video giving some more photos from this visit!