News came out in the early morning today that California’s Great America’s “Master Plan” was approved by the city of Santa Clara. Now, everything in this master plan might not happen, as it was an outline of what the park hopes to do. But this approval means so much to the park and what they can do going forward.

Many people remember when Gold Striker was added to California’s Great America, there were noise complaints from their commercial neighbors that made the park jump through hoops to get Gold Striker built, a task that took about 5 years. Now, the park doesn’t have to go through all of this to get something built.

This also means that the park can build more attractions built above 200 feet, meaning that the park can add rides like an Intamin Impulse or B&M Hyper Coaster, like what was featured in their plan that was sent to the Planning Commision. The park can add such a wide variety of larger rides now. This doesn’t mean that they will, but it certainly makes the future look a lot brighter in downtown Santa Clara.

One of the highlights for many people is the entertainment district that Cedar Fair wants to put in front of the park. This would be great to make money before and after 49er games at the adjoining Levi’s Stadium.

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