On January 28th 2017, I decided to head up to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to check out the progress on Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth, and to ride some great coasters.  This visit was extremely fun, with no crowds and the weather being perfect.

*Photo was taken from park path, with neither my camera nor any part of my person entering the restricted area.  Please do not trespass into restricted areas*
There has still not been much progress made on Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth, with the wheelbarrow being the only piece of construction equipment on site.


The Joker was running phenomenly today, especially in the front row.  It has definitly worn in more, running at a good speed for a coaster in the winter.


Superman Ultimate Flight is currently down for maintenance.  It is not known how soon Superman Ultimate Flight will reopen, but it will most likely only be for a few weeks longer.


Medusa was running incredibly, with it being extremely smooth and row six having more hangtime than I remember.  Included in my two rides on it was a very quiet ride with only four people on it, which was strange as there was no screaming or any noise.


Boomerang on this day was by far the weirdest ride I have ever had on any coasters.  Going forwards, it was butter smooth with no rattle at all.  Then, moving backwards, Boomerang decided to rattle like hell and made me go in to concussion protocol after.  I have no idea what was up with this ride, but it made me really comprehend my life.


I finally got to ride Artic Adventure, and it was…meh.  Nothing too spectacular or amazing but I can see how this could do well at Holiday in the Park.


Decided to ride Cobra on the way out.


And with that, my visit to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom was over.  I thoroughly enjoyed this visit, with low crowds and most of the major rides open.

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