img_9619Six Flags Discovery Kingdom invited a group of bloggers out to try their new Virtual Reality experience.  We both had the privelege of attending this event on February 18th, 2017.  In this review, we will give you both of our reviews.


Jason’s Review

This new VR experience was very awesome as Kong was running really smooth and the new way of the phones syncing up with the train was perfectt!! There’s no longer the QR codes in front of you for the syncing up of the phone to the ride. All that is needed to sync up the phones is for you to sitdown in your seat and put on the headset. Once the headet is on, you are able to see though the camera and see the person next to you and the row in front of you. As you go up the lift hill you see though the camera and towards the top a wormhole forms and you are transported into a space fighter. As you go though the ride you’re flying though other battleships and shooting at other enemy ships. The interactive shooting is very fun especially on the brake run!! I highly suggest coming out to the park to ride it!!


Lucas’ Review

This was overall a fantastic experience on Kong.  Unlike other Vekoma inverted coasters, Kong was incredibly smooth.  This, combined with an excellent VR experience, made for a great ride.The augmented reality part of the ride was nice, as you really felt like you were being transported from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom straight into galactic warfare.  It also made you feel safer while in the station, as you could still see everything going on around you as you were getting checked.  The graphics are also a big plus for the experience, as they are the same quality as many video games for console systems.  Overall, The New Revolution Galactic Attack VR on Kong was a great experience and I cannot wait to do it again.

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We also got a reverse POV from the event!  You can check that out below.