Seaworld San Antonio opened to the public for the 2017 operating season this weekend, so I saw fit to do a construction update for Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster.  To start off the coaster has track:


Yes, you heard me right it has track in place. Don’t get too excited though as it looks to be only the break run and half of the final airtime hill.




Even though the track isn’t where we want it to be, all the footer are down on the ride and this thing looks like it takes up quite a bit of space.


As for the remainder of the track, SeaWorld San Antonio looks to just take it in piece by piece.


There’s still quite a lot in the back parking lot that is accessible to the public. Yes you heard me right accessible to the public. Lots of excitement is in the air at SeaWorld San Antonio and hopefully I (Evan) can bring some of the excitement to you, the readers. Check back here every 1-2 weeks for construction updates.

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