On March 3, 2017, ACE NorCal held their annual pre-season tour at California’s Great America.  We started out the event by parking in the prefered parking, and checking in by the front gate.



We started out our tour by walking down the path to the right of the Great America Theater, where we saw a brilliant presentation from Roger Ross and Clayton Lawrence before the tour started.  While we were walking past Demon, it started testing the orange train, as they were also training ride ops today while the tour was going on.


Demon’s yellow train was out on the midway getting ready to be put back on the track.


After we walked past Demon, we went by Food Festival, where Roger and Clayton talked about some of the new food offerings there for the 2017 season, which includes some new seafood options in Food Festival and barbeque in Maggie Brown’s Smokehouse.


Grizzly was looking stellar today, but was sadly not testing while we were there.


Drop Tower: Scream Zone had all of it’s pods in their right places, and is looking great for the 2017 season.


Flight Deck was also testing today, and looked/sounded terrific.


Now for the crown jewel of this tour: Patriot.  The trains were on the track while we were walking around the park, but it wasn’t testing today.  The trains look amazing on the track, really popping with the black seats on the blue track with blue restraints.


On one portion of the tour, we passed on the service road, which allowed us to get this incredible shot of Patriot’s lift.  The blue really pops against the green around Patriot, making for an extroadinarily photogenic coaster.

A huge thank you goes out to ACE NorCal and California’s Great America for putting on this spectacular event.

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