Last week, I was down in Southern California to tour some colleges and to go to some parks, the first of which being Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier.  This is a fairly small park with just one roller coaster, West Coaster, and the only other highlight attraction being Pacific Wheel, a solar powered Ferris wheel.  With that said, let’s get right into the trip.


West Coaster was actually the first coaster from Morgan I have ever been on.  This coaster is very “meh” in the front, but if you get a ride in the back with some space between you and the lap bar, the floater airtime will be a lot better than in the front row. Also, Pacific Park has no policies on cameras being on rides, and actually outlines that they are fine with it, so I was able to catch this POV of West Coaster.


Pacific Wheel is a rather fast Ferris wheel, and gives fantastic views of the ocean, Pacific Park, and Santa Monica.


Thank you for checking out this article.  Look out for a trip report from Universal Studios Hollywood in a few days.

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