On June 4 2017, I visited Red White and Brews at California’s Great America, as the park was kind enough to invite us out for media day but due to another commitment I was not able to make it.



I will be going over the food in order of the tasting card, so if you want to skip around to any of the food choices just see what order it is in this photo.


First up was the Bacon Wrapped Chicken Hearts, which is essentially a chicken kebab wrapped with bacon, mixed with barbecue sauce.  This was a good dish, but was not my favorite of the event.  However, it is still a great option at Red White and Brews.


The Tombstone Slider was one of the best food items of the event, as the mix of pulled pork and haystack onions is always a great combination.


Next up was the Jumbo Smoked Chicken Drums and Spicy Roasted Corn.  The chicken was good, not the best I have ever tasted but not even close to being average, and the corn on the cob was great in small doses, as the spice is in fact very spicy, and I am sort of a wimp when it comes to spicy food, no matter how delicious they are.


The Pulled Pork Bun was also great, probably being my favorite item of the event.  The inside of the bun was gooey and delicious, while the outside was warm and soft.


Lastly, the Warm Apple Pie Bacon and Cheddar Parfait.  This was a great treat, and also very filling for how small it is.  I would definitely recommend getting this at Red White and Brews.



California’s Great America had four bands who would play at certain times throughout the day on the American Stage.


The band playing while I was there was Sidesaddle and Co., a bluegrass group who sounded very authentic.

piano man


California’s Great America also had Dueling Pianos in the Hometown Gazebo, which was absolutely stupendous.  Their rendition of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” was my favorite, although closely followed by “Sweet Caroline”.

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