In similar fashion to Magic Springs I did not like this park.  Okay maybe not a complete dumpster fire but not complete trash.

 So to start out the very western theme park starts out in a gift shop for the entrance (similar to silver dollar city). Walking down Main Street it feels like I could start a shootout with a debutant.

Terrible comparisons aside this park is heavily western themed, similar to Crack Axle Canyon at Six Flags fiesta Texas. Some more pros to the park are the mediocre rides.

Silver bullet was by far my favorite sneaking into the 20 spot in my rankings but overall the rides were okay.

Diamondback was a cool shuttle loop made by arrow and Wildcat was a fun but cute wooden coaster.

Overall for the size of the park what they have fits them well.

Also keep in mind I don’t see them adding anything major thrill soon just because their audience is a bunch of pansies. So expect wait times to be trimmed in half because half of them will chicken out of line (and I’m not kidding). One thing I will also not kid about is their reliability. Do these rides break down a ton. I think the most reliable ride was silver bullet and that broke down twice.

To be fair though all but one of their coasters have a defunct manufacturer but there is no excuse for them to randomly press the e-stop just because a kids gets scared half way up the lift hill. So expect wait times to be normal with the fact that 1/2 the people chicken out and the rides break down every hour. Probably my least favorite thing about this park were the employees.  They absolutely hated their guests. To the point where they kicked me out of line for “line jumping” when they asked for a single rider. They also dispatched the rides at a very slow and methodical pace to where a 20 minute wait turned into an hour wait. They just did not care. Another thing I found horrible about their employees were how oblivious they were to cycles. Specifically their Ferris wheel. I got one cycle through. Like you didn’t even notice that you just loaded us on. I was about to say something but my mom stopped me and we took a long break cause we were so frustrated with the employees.

The girl at Wildcat had no patience (ironically that was her name) and the others didn’t want to do their job. Overall the park is meh or 3/10, the theming is a nice touch probably the only thing they couldn’t mess up and probably the only redeeming quality about this park. If you’re in the area the 4 hour drive to silver dollar city is much more worth it but if you need the credits go there and get them then leave cause you won’t be seeing me there anytime soon.

Thank you for checking out this article.