First off, California’s Great America is having a lot of fun with their teasing, with many different teases going out lately.

This sign popped up at the site during this last week. However it has already been taken down for construction


California’s Great America also sent this out to media members, indicating an announcement date of August 16th, and a caption of “Blazing a New Path”.  I believe this is where we will see the RailBlazer name being used.

(note: All pictures were taken on main park paths.  Please do not trespass on to California’s Great America private areas)


A lot of dirt clearing has been going on at the site for Project SR1 at California’s Great America.


The area now takes up about half of the Invertigarden, with the other half being left open for Friday Family Flicks.


On the First Aid side of the land, the fence is getting closer and closer to the First Aid building, with a temporary fence set up there, giving amazing views of the project site.



A lot of tree clearing has been going on the past week, and the area is becoming more like a dirt construction site than a plot of grass.


The pond is now starting to be worked on, and I bet that it will be one of the next things to go.



Here is another view of the site, from a small hole in the fencing near the midway games.  This spot gives the best idea of just how big the land is.


Finally, here is a view of the land from the park’s Star Tower.  Thanks to Thrills By The Bay for the idea.  I’ll have to start riding Star Tower more often with the construction going on.