As the announcement date looms closer (8/16 for the uninformed), let’s take a look at Project SR1 construction at California’s Great America!

California’s Great America has been displaying the history of their coasters in order on a wall near the bridge, which as of yesterday went from Gulf Coaster to Vortex. Also included is what appears to be the footprint for Project SR1, displayed on the end of the map. 
Here is a view of the entire construction site from the park’s Star Tower attraction. 

Here’s a look at the pond which used to exist on the site, which is now drained completely. 

There’s been a lot of talk about White Water Falls and construction, and I managed to get a picture of a forklift going over there. It looks like they’re is a pipe being layed in, whether that is for Project SR1 or not we will have to see. 

Some construction vehicles doing work on the site. This day they were just prepping the site to be used for Project SR1. 

Invertigo is completely gone now, and I’m hypothesizing the other games will meet the same fate. 

And now, numerous pictures of the construction site from various holes in fencing throughout the area. 

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