Carowinds announced this morning that they are adding 5 new rides to the rethemed Camp Snoopy.



Number 1 on the map is Woodstock Whirlybirds, a kid friendly teacup attraction.


Number two is Beagle Scout Acres, a climbing attraction with 8,000 square feet to climb and play.


Number three is Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies, an attraction where you will board a Dune Buggy and bounced up and down.


Number 4 is Camp Bus, an attraction that will swing riders back and forth on a crazy trip.


Number 5 is Kite Eating Tree, a S&S Frog Hopper, that will bounce riders up and down, like a mini drop tower.


Number 6 is Peanut’s Trailblazers, a kiddie whip attraction that will swing riders around many hairpin turns.

Carowinds will be offering season passes starting at $103.00, as well as a free Pre-K pass.  Make sure to stay tuned for many announcements today.