There has been a lot of progress since the last construction update for Railblazer (before Railblazer was announced). With that said, let’s get started. 

There is now a sign up on the outside of the fence near where the old hole used to be. 

Here is a view from Star Tower, where you can see the construction site in its entirety

There appears to be blue pipes on site now, with many trenches throughout the site, most likely for the water that will be featured under the ride. 

Far in the back middle some rocks have now come on site for the landscaping around the ride. 

On the side near where the lift turnaround will be there is not much happening except for he ground being flattened for the support structure. 

Here is a more overall view of the whole area, with the many construction vehicles working hard to get the ride open for Spring 2018!

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