Happy Valentine’s Day!

In this short trip report, I’ll be showing you around some of the rides and attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood, as well as construction on the Dreamworks Theater and some general rehab.


Work continues on the Dreamworks Theater near the front of the park where Shrek 4D used to be.  When I rode nearby Flight of the Hippogriff later in the night, I could see into the queue, which was completely gutted.  I hope to see the queue be fully enclosed to help keep the theming of both the theater and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


Directly across from that is where Donkey’s waffle stand has been relocated to, which I would love to stay here in the future.


Here is a few of the far “up” escalator between the upper lot and lower lot.  As you can see here in my update from this past April, the fourth escalator is now fully constructed.  Now, Universal Studios Hollywood can run 3 at any time while refurbishing one, and during the busy summer months can run 4 at the same time.


I started the night off with Transformers, which was running as great as ever.  The line for this ride was out to the entrance of the building, yet the line only took 45 minutes because of the extremely fast operations.


Next up was Revenge of the Mummy, which also had insane operations on this night.  One thing of note is that Imhotep did not have his headdress on, which I prefer as the animatronic’s face by itself is rather haunting.  Also, at the end of the ride, there was quite a lot more fog and mist being used than my past rides.


Moving back up to the upper lot, it was time for The Simpsons Ride!  This ride was rather dissapointing this trip, as operations were significantly slower than before with two ride carriages on one of the sides out of commission on the second deck.


Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey was next, and this ride was as fun as ever.  However, this is still not my favorite ride at Universal Studios Hollywood (that being Transformers the Ride), as I cannot get over seeing the track and being thrown out of immersion during the ride.  But this is still a fantastic ride, that if it didn’t have small imperfections would be my favorite ride at Universal Studios Hollywood.


Finishing off the night was two rides on Flight of the Hippogriff, which runs significantly faster at night than during the day.  It is also a very cool experience to look over the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at night from above.


That’s all for this trip to Universal Studios Hollywood!  I hope you enjoyed this article.  Make sure to follow the official account of coasterdemon.com on Instagram.