California’s Great America is getting ready for the 2018 season, and gave the oppurtunity for us ACErs to go check out everything going on behind the scenes!  The tour was split into four parts: seeing the Coaster Shop and new Railblazer train, a food tasting, getting to walk into The Consulate, and a look at Railblazer!

Midway Redo


California’s Great America is redoing most of their midways this year to make them a mix of brick and concrete!  I’m personally very happy, as the asphalt that was here beforehand would get very hot during the summer.


Loggers Run and HMB Endeavor

Sadly, two rides bit the dust this offseason, and now their spots sit with only the foundation of the former rides.


Coaster Shop

@twistedcoastergirl won the right to be the first member of the public to sit on Railblazer!

The park opened up their coaster shop in the back of the park to look through and it was great.  We got to see the new trains for Railblazer and many other cool things around the shop.  I got to sit in the lead car for Railblazer, and the seats themselves are really comfortable.  One thing that was a little noticeable was that the vest part of the restraint hurt my shoulder a little bit, but it was still comfortable and I’m sure if you get enough room they won’t hurt at all.



Walkway to the Pavilion and Pavilion Construction


Some work was being done over in Boomerang Bay to prepare for the new season.  It sure is sad to look over the park without Loggers Run being there.


Some work was being done over by Flight Deck.  The green tubes you see on the bottom will be new water main tubes in the park.


A new patio is being added to the Pavilion, so that there can be people in the shade outside and another kitchen.  They are also adding another bathroom inside the pavilion so that you will not have to go outside to use the restroom.

Orleans Place (The Consulate and Restaurant Construction)


We got to head inside The Consulate, which is currently being remodeled.  For all of you that don’t know, this is essentially Walter Marriott’s version of the Main Street Apartment so it was a great experience being inside there.


Here is a look at all the construction going on for the food areas in Orleans Place.  Both seem like they will be very nice.


And now the most important part, Railblazer.  I’ll just sit back and let the pictures show you how awesome the ride will be!


Railblazer sits in a surprisingly narrow footprint.


So thin


This is a “stopper” for one of the transfer tracks


This turn looks so insane from the ground.


It looks like the rockwork will be very nice

Thank you for checking out this article, and a huge thank you to ACE Northern California and California’s Great America for putting on this event.