There’s only one more week left to go until California’s Great America finally reopens for the season, and with a break in the rain there was ample time to go walking along the San Tomas Aquino Trail that runs along the side of the park and look at everything going on.


Flight Deck was testing during the time I was on the trail, and it looks as fast as it usually is just in time for it’s 25th Anniversary Celebration next week!  Only one train was on the track, as the other was sitting in storage.  Of course, this is just because California’s Great America is training employees for the new season right now.


Railblazer’s construction is progressing along nicely, as the transfer track is now going in and the station is being built.  LazyRiverEw.jpg

The Lazy River has seen better days, as all of the water from the rain has made the river completely green.


If you’ve been following along the California’s Great America blog, you would also know that Peanut’s Amphitheater is now slated to be demolished.  From the trail you can’t really tell what is going on inside, however.


Back alongside the Wave Pool there is some stray rafts being stored, without any of the bottom part and just the seats.


Also running was Drop Tower, which looks to be still missing one side of the tower like it was for a majority of last season.


Back in the maintenance area, here are some karts for Thunder Raceway just sitting around.


California’s Great America is in full swing to prepare for opening day next weekend, as the employee parking lot was incredibly packed.

Dirt Pile.jpg

However, part of the reason for that is because of this massive pile of dirt in the back section of the parking lot, which if I had to guess is being used for Railblazer.


The park is still storing all of the food booths from Winterfest and the various food events from around the season back here.



Finally, pictures of trucks I saw leave the parking lot.  They are a cement mixer and dirt carrying truck, so it will be very exciting to see what all of this construction is for!

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