Note: All of these pictures were taken from park paths/rides that allow pictures. Please don’t trespass on to any park’s private property

Back at it again with more updates for Railblazer. Last week we looked at some construction on the station and tunnel, and this week I’ll show you more construction all around the area, including the queue and a lot of rock work.

Railblazer 1

Railblazer 4

Over below the first drop, this crane was working constantly on clearing the pathway in that area. All of the footers over here are completely constructed now, and it appears that this part of the ride will definitely not be over water.

Railblazer 8.jpg

Always fun to see work being done for the ride during the park’s operating hours.



A lot of the rocks over on this side of the drop have already been constructed, and the crews were spending the day painting the rocks more.

Railblazer 5

Railblazer 6

More work has been done of the tunnel since last week. It still amazes me how close the top of the tunnel comes to the track.

Railblazer 13.jpg

Railblazer’s photo station/gift shop(hopefully) is starting to get built. I’m happy with how close the exit comes to the entrance once you get back out on park paths, meaning it will be very easy to marathon on slow days/with Fast Lane.



The queue is coming along very nicely. It looks like it will be very big, and will have some very interesting views of the track.

Railblazer 7.jpg

Finally, this post will be where the sign for Railblazer will go.


A view from Star Tower of Railblazer. On the left side of the track will be where the queue for the ride is, and the fence on the right will eventually come in and be right up to the ride.

Railblazer 3.jpg

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