NOTE: All pictures in this update are from posted park paths.  Please do not trespass on private park property trying to take photos

After a week away from California’s Great America, it is time for another Railblazer construction update!  A lot of things have happened since the last update, so let’s get right into it.


A lot of work was going on while I was at the park, with construction workers working on catwalks and the track.


The trains for Railblazer are also now on the track!  It’s interesting how there is currently no catwalk around the transfer track, but that will come in the next few weeks.


Railblazer’s station has been making decent progress.  There was a lot of work going on in the station while I was at the park, which I’m guessing was for something track related.


The lift catwalk is now completely built!


Here is a look at what the paths near the track of Railblazer.  I like the pavement the park used, and how good of a job they did with the footers.


Here is a look at the queue area.  More work has been done over here, and it looks like there will be a decent amount of switchbacks.  Here’s to hoping a cover will be put in!


The rock tunnel over the drop is now done, and I love the look of the rock around the track.


Here is a look at the rockwork from other spots around the ride.


Lastly, the photo station for Railblazer is coming along very nicely.  It seems plenty big.  This begs the question of if Railblazer will have a gift shop.  I for one am hoping that the park will have a cart like Mystic Timbers, but the shop near Food Festival that already has a lot of Railblazer stuff would work great too.


Thank you for checking out this update!  Please check out any other articles on, including reports from Universal Orlando from the last week.