NOTE: All pictures in this update are from posted park paths.  Please do not trespass on private park property trying to take photos.  This includes taking a camera and putting it over the fence while the ride is testing;  if done, they have to e-stop the ride, which is just no fun.

After an extended time away from California’s Great America to work on outside things, I finally returned to the park to see the construction on Railblazer.  This update will be split into two parts: the area surrounding Railblazer, and all three of the trains testing.  ALL AT ONCE

Railblazer’s Area

area around brakerun.jpg

Here is a look at the area where you’ll exit the ride.  I love how close you can get to the brake run.


The switchbacks for the queue are coming along nicely.  I will say that it seems like a little small of an area, but the long parts of the other parts of the queue will hopefully be able to contain all of the line.


Here is some of the other work going on near the edge of the fence.  I hope that the park will eventually put grass over here and open it up.


I really like how close the track gets to some park paths.  The photos from this area will be amazing.


The photo kiosk house is now completely built!  I like the look of the house and how it matches the architecture of the station.


Lastly, here is a view of some of the rocks right the path.  California’s Great America definitely made a good decision putting some rocks where part of the fence would be; they look very nice in my opinion.


Railblazer has also started to test.  I have linked a video above of the green train running the course, and will now show pictures of all three trains.

Red Train


This corkscrew is going to be so much fun.  It looks like it provides a decent amount of whip when Railblazer is running fast, and when it is running slow a good amount of hangtime.


The first inversion also looks to be a lot of fun.


The banked airtime on this won’t be the strongest and best ejector everywhere, but you will still get a lot of lift regardless.


The drop after the s-curve looks like it will provide a lot of airtime in the back row.


Another angle of the first inversion.

Yellow Train



After seeing Railblazer test, I really feel like the drop in the back row will definitely be the best part of the ride.


Green Train


This airtime hill looks so impressive from everywhere.

Out of all of the trains, it felt like the red train was running the fastest while I was there, with green behind that, and yellow coming in last.


Thank you for checking out this update.  Make sure to check out all of my other articles!