6AA8E91D-6D8A-4E76-8F10-23A46740392ASix Flags Over Georgia recently hosted its annual blogger day on June 6th promoting the addition of their new ride, Twisted Cyclone. The Georgia Cyclone was formerly closed back in September and now returns with a new layout, track, theme, trains, and wild-ride experience!

About the Ride

Twisted Cyclone is a steel hybrid coaster manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction. It features a 100 foot lift hill, 3 inversions, and 10 outstanding moments of airtime.


The Ride Experience

The ride starts off with some quick dips and turns that leads to the deafening lift hill. At the bottom of the 75 degree twisting drop, the train hits its maximum speed of 50 mph and flies up into the reverse cobra roll, two back-to-back barrel rolls. The next element, the massive airtime-filled wave turn, leads into more airtime hills, an overbank, a zero G roll, and more airtime before hitting the brakes.


My Review

This is a very powerful coaster. Many thought it would be weak and have no airtime but I can confirm they are incorrect. The airtime on this coaster in spots is comparable to Lightning Rod’s. Multiple elements provide amazing lateral G forces as well, and there are some bits of hangtime mixed in there. The drop is really, special. I put it at my number 3 drop behind Fury and Iron Rattler, it’s that good. Back row is a must on this ride but any other, and you’re still in for a wild ride. For sure not my favorite RMC, but it definitely makes my top ten coasters overall, and I’ve been on 2 gigas and 4 other RMC’s.