With the clouds clearing up slightly and the temperature at a cool 50 degrees, I decided to go out to the San Tomas Aquinas Creek Trail right by California’s Great America to go check out what’s been going on this off-season.

NOTE:  All photos in this report were taken on public property owned by the city of Santa Clara.  Please do not trespass onto California’s Great America park property


Over near the retention pond, it appears the recent storms and heavy winds in the South Bay has managed to destroy the cover for the park’s green house.


Over near Boomerang Bay, the Lazy River appears to be filled for some reason, whether it be by rain or on purpose.  This is interesting to see, as usually the park keeps it empty until Boomerang Bay opens on Memorial Day weekend.


Drop Tower, in case you hadn’t heard, is getting a retheme this off-season, including a new paint scheme and queue area.  I’m very happy with how the paint looks on this side of the tower, definitely makes it pop out in the sky.


Completely unrelated, but there was also an old Nickelodeon sign sitting in a dumpster near the back of the park.  Definitely weird considering that Nickelodeon left the park in about 2010.


Over near the back of the staff parking lot, the facades and stands from the park events are out sitting, waiting to be used next year.


To end this report, here’s a look at some of the wheel covers and seats for Flight Deck’s train sitting by the park’s coaster shop.


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