Welcome back, it’s been quite awhile since I had the absolute gall to post something to this website, but then again there was not really anything to write about.

Life got the better of me for about the past year or so and I really have not had the time to do anything fun, but that all changed this weekend when I had the chance to go to Kansas City with some friends from college and took a short detour to check out some of Worlds of Fun.  When I mean short detour, I mean really short.  Like do one coaster and two mazes short.  It doesn’t help that two of the hours we were there were taken up by waiting for Mamba, but what can you do.  With that said, let’s get into this trip report!


Overall Park Thoughts

With this being my first trip to a theme park outside of the states of California and Florida, this was a very different change.  Instead of everything being squished together like California, or there being way too much of everything in Florida, Worlds of Fun provided a nice experience with beautiful park decor and scenery.  Worlds of Fun is laid out in a way that encourages just winding through areas of the park, which was a nice change as it allowed myself to get lost in the environment.

Now if there is one critique I have for the park it is that the paths are, most of the time, not wide enough to really handle crowds that well.  While that allows for some interesting Haunt Scare Zone experiences, it does make getting around a little bit of a chore at times trying to get somewhere quickly.

Overall though, Worlds of Fun is by far one of the most beautiful parks I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.



Now to get to the one coaster I rode, Mamba.  Man, was I not at all disappointed with waiting two hours to ride this beast.  The main reason I was psyched enough for this to wait two hours was that it was the first coaster from Morgan that I had the privilege of riding that wasn’t on a pier in Santa Monica.

The main allure of Mamba for me was, of course, its fantastic floater airtime and crazy drop at night.  Combine the 205 foot lift hill with being able to see fog all over from Haunt (the fog was no joke, they pumped out so much of it that I often could not see a few feet in front of me), and you have a recipe for success.  The period after the brake run is also very fun, with the jagged hills providing a weird sensation.  The large, drawn out helix in the middle of the ride was also shockingly fun for me, and ultimately Mamba has earned itself a spot in my top 5.

Haunt Experiences

This category is going to be light on pictures, as the aforementioned fog and poor lighting, combined with not being able to take pictures inside mazes meant that it was impossible to take more than a few.


The Boneyard

The Boneyard was one of two scare zones I went through, and I swear I went through it 8 different times.  This scare zone perfectly located in a narrow section of the park, meaning that it can often feel claustrophobic.  The scare actors were a lot of fun here, as they have plenty of props to work with and guests to mess with.

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

This scare zone funny enough was also a product of a long and narrow pathway, but was just slightly less fun.  While the props here were very cool to look at, the scare actors were not that present when I went through.  In fact, I only remember seeing a few around the area, but those that were there did manage to use the space well.


Lore of the Vampire | Halloween Haunt Attractions | Worlds ...
Image courtesy of Worlds of Fun

Lore of the Vampire

Let me just start out the review of this maze by saying I have never been so terrified in a Haunt maze as I was during this.   Lore of the Vampire managed to just keep going on and on, and there were scare actors around every corner.  The props were very well done, with body bags galore and a lot of fake blood.

The most impressive element of this maze though was just how intricate the layout of it was.  There was first the main building, which was fairly ordinary, but then you go outside of it into what I originally thought was the exit.  I was horrifyingly wrong though and was immediately scared all throughout the outside section before then going down a set of stairs into a very manic tunnel, which included a booming train whistle that almost knocked me down.  Then, Lore of the Vampire did not want me to feel any better, and there was another indoor section underneath the first part of the building.  Overall, this maze did not feel like one, but instead two or three.

Chamber of Horrors: Condemned

While this maze was not up to the same level that Lore of the Vampire was, it was still a fun experience.  The actors inside were having a lot of fun, and the darkness throughout all of it made for a great experience of running into things and losing all sense of direction.  This was the best part of the maze, as the lights quickly went away after the first section and transitioned into pure madness.  That, or the lights just turned off in the maze because of a mechanical issue.


Ultimately, my first trip to Worlds of Fun, while short, was a boatload of fun.  Worlds of Fun is beautiful at all times of day, and was a great experience to have, one I’ll have to make the few hour journey for while I am out at college.

Thank you for checking out this trip report, and make sure to visit all of the other articles around coasterdemon.com