Like last week, this week’s park update is going to be on everything in the park except for Railblazer.  If you are interested in how Railblazer is coming along, just check here.


Maggie’s Smokehouse and Fried Chicken has reopened for this season.  The dining room has been redesigned, and there is now a very nice outside patio.  Part of the redesign was adding in more computers to order from, and moving the soda machines so that guests fill their cups. It definitely looked crowded, so I would recommend coming early if you want to eat here.


Whitewater Falls has received a new sign to fit more into the new area with Railblazer coming this year.  I like how the park is using the same theme from the theater to Whitewater Falls and Railblazer.  I hope Berserker will receive a new sign soon to also fit in the area!


Something I forgot to touch on last week was that the bathrooms have been completely redone.  Inside the bathrooms are nicer, and outside there is now water bottle refill stations!

One thing California’s Great America also added, to a bit of controversy, was All-Gender Restrooms.  There was a little bit of controversy with some people not liking them being there, but I am all for it as it is just another thing to make guests feel more welcome at the park.


Grizzly has reopened for the year, but is only currently running one train.  I also noticed that operations were about as good as they were in years past.


Up towards the front of the park, Hometown Square has received a new sign.  I like this sign more than the one that was brought in and left from Red White & Brews, as the lettering popping out gives it a very nice touch.


The turf area in part of Snoopy’s Splash Dance’s former spot is now finished, and I have to say it looks very secluded and relaxed in this section.  Personally, I could find myself coming over here and peacefully working or just relaxing.


Here is the other side of the former maze plot.  Not much has happened here since last week.


Construction continues on Sierra Creek Lodge.  I like the paint they used on the outside of the restaurant, it looks very much like you could catch it in an old Peanuts cartoon.


Peanut’s Amphitheater is still being demolished, and some more work has been done in taking out the seats and gutting the area.


Another thing that I forgot to mention last week is that the Peanuts meet and greet has moved.  It is now right next to the Birthday party area and Spike’s Churro Stand.


Logger’s Run and HMB Endeavor’s plots has also not seen much progress over the past week.  I’m starting to wonder  if the park will fill in the area with water at some point or just leave the walls up until something is constructed there.


I had the chance to ride Psycho Mouse for the first time this season, and I am not a fan of the way the brakes are set up.  Specifically the one before the last turn really slams you hard into the lap bar.


Mass Effect New Earth is now running all of the rows again, and it certainly shows on the capacity issues that caused the long lines last weekend

Last of all, let’s take a look at all of the construction going on at the pavilion.


Thank you for checking out this update.